We do not spend a huge amount of money on advertising and marketing our products.

Our goal is simply to provide the customers affordable and high quality products.

When I was working in the UK, I found out that weather in British is dry and cold, which may render the skin being dry and lack of elasticity. At that time, local products of masks were usually rinse-off masks or peel-off masks. In addition, not all of the masks were suitable for skin types of Asians, and some of the products could not maintain moisture after applied and even result in a painted face. After returning to Taiwan, I studied the background history and current technologies of the mask industry, and then I founded the brand【WANTING】with the goals of providing mask products suitable for Asians, westerners, men, and women for their dreams of having tender, smooth, and delicate skins.

To provide the best products to the customers, Wanting produces masks with high standard single-strain bio-cellulose membranes. By using our products, the customers can realize that without an essence effectively injecting into the deepest layer of the skin, the essence cannot be fully effective. Wanting fully utilizes the advantage of the essence-injecting and skin-friendly properties of single strain bio-cellulose in producing bio cellulose masks suitable for various types of skins by effectively injecting an essence into the deep layer of the skin, coupled with a fine-tuned essence.

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